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Contemporary Remodel / Addition

4200 sq ft Georgian Style

9000 sq. ft Chateau Style - Foyer

Established in Denver, Colorado in 1983 by Christopher Krupp, Krupp Associates Architects was born out of necessity. Chris was, at the time, creating residences initially for Builder clients in the area surrounding Denver, Colorado. His work was starting to become identified by the public as Chris's own style of architecture. The referral network of clients began to grow rather swiftly; in order to handle the increased quantity of work the firm was officially established. 

With the support staff in place, Chris and his associate, now the firm's principals, provided all the client engagement and project design. Staff provided the required support developing construction drawings from the design drawings under the watchfull eyes of the principals. The construction drawings were then reviewed and notated in great detail by the principals to be revised by staff. To this day, the process remains the same. The result? Quality, precise drawings clear to the client and very easily buildable.

Chris started out working on his own in a spare room in his home. As the work load grew he moved into a 3 room office space within the city of Denver. With more space now available, an associate Architect was brought on board. With the Associate bringing along some work of his own the need for a staff became clear so two draftsmen and a secretary were hired. Adding staff allowed Chris and his Associate to concentrate on pure design relieving them of much of the office management and most of the drafting chores. The company naturally grew even larger; up to 6 people, sometimes more, other times less. 

During the ensuing years Krupp Associates was moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and designed homes in the Desert Style, then to California where we produced, well, California Style homes and then to Chicago, Illinois where we helped the midwest traditional Georgian style move on to a more contemporary open-style home. We spent the next 25 or so years growing while we almost single handedly changed the residential landscape in the Chicago suburbs. We have, in the end, designed homes in locations all across the country from Massachusetts to California.

Today the company has relocated to Asheville, NC and has returned to its roots. Chris and his wife Jacqueline (who for the majority of the firm's development held down the office management responsibilities) steer the ship. With occasional assistance from our previous employees we are able to handle a reasonable work load. Thus today the process is now as it was in the beginning.....Chris personally engages the clients, designs the projects and produces the majority of the drawings. The result is a very satisfying one-on-one experience for both ourselves and our clients where there is no break down in communication between all parties to the project. Jacqueline continues to manage the company.

9000 sq. ft Chateau Style - Foyer