Residential Architecture

As an aspiring architect since the 5th grade (a hardy thanks to my elementary school teacher) I've always been intrigued with the built world. I guess it was only natural for me to find my way through to owning my own firm and designing hundreds, maybe thousands of projects. The majority of them are custom or semi-custom residences. The services listed below have been developed over more than 35 years of practice. They are proudly offered to assist our clients realize their dream home.

 Addition and Remodel Projects

Many times I have come across home owners who love where they live, they don't want to relocate because Mom and Dad live nearby, the kids want to come "Home" from school; with dozens more reasons to draw on, they decide to stay and add on or remodel. Heck, maybe it's just a new Kitchen to get rid of those 1950's appliances!

Whatever the reason, an addition and/or remodel can fit the need and avoid the stress of moving and "starting over".

Design First Floor Plan for Review

Front Elevation in full color and materials for Review

Semi-Custom configured to fit a narrow lot

A pre-designed plan with a stone exterior 

and a 5th bedroom/private bath added

Steep Roofs, white brick and a 3 car

inside entry garage requested by the 

Builder Model home designed to accept 

predesigned options for the customer to

Builder's Customer

choose from in the base price

2 existing rooms were transformed into

floor were incorporated to correct some 

circulation flaws and esthetics issues.

Everything you see here is part of a 2 story

addition and remodel adding a Kitchen and

Here are a few simple questions you should ask yourself and a calculation you should do when making this important life decision.

Master Suite in the traditional 4 square home

Semi-Custom Residences

I have designed a considerable number of homes throughout my career for Builders and Developers that are also available to my clients. I have created a collection of many of them that can be utilized as a "jumping off" point to begin a new project. The designs are completely customizable to fit the client's vision of their new home. I find this approach aids in the visualization and understanding of how a particular design might be a good place to start.

A semi-custom home does not necessarily infer that there will be no originality in the design. In fact, I truly believe starting with a developed plan can aleviate the sometimes arduous and at times stressful task of devising a program to fit our client's needs; we already have an outline to simply modify.

A new front and complete new second

A Prairie Style front and sun porch was

added to a "farm" house in Oak Park IL.

What's all this going to cost me, both financially

How much equity do I have in my home?

What is the cost of the remodel / addition?

If I Move: can I replicate my beloved home?

Do I really like where I live? Am I comfortable?

Can I put up with my house being invaded,torn 

Would I be OK with maybe having to temporarily move out to allow for the construction?

  • Current Home Value + Equity:           (A)___________
  • Market Value for Similar Homes =   (D)__________   
  • New Total Home value:                       = (C)___________

Your remodel / addition project is viable if (C) is less than or approximately equal to (D)

Is moving going to be too big of a life change?

If I Stay: are the improvements I want possible?

Is my new location really an improvement?

  • Cost of the new Work                          + (B)___________

apart, shredded, and dust everywhere? 

and spirtually?

Do this simple calculation:

in the area  

Financial Considerations: what's my home worth?

2200 sf unique Custom Home

Custom Residences

These are homes designed specifically from scratch for a single client and their family to enjoy on the land they have chosen as ideal.

The process begins with an analysis of the client's hopes, dreams and needs including room types, functions and quantities. The current and future family size is also important in order to synthesize a program encompassing all of the variables including the site and, of course the building code requirements.

Preliminary designs are created including floor plans and exteriors. We will review these drawings together to identify and discuss where they hit or miss the mark. Revisions will be made, presented and reviewed until we have the basis for a quality project.

When does it make sense to remodel /do an addition?

True to style 6000 sf Prairie Home

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into a beautiful new Craftsman Kitchen